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Upgrade your character with global ranks. Ranks grant you several benefits - a daily rank /kit, a lifetime XP booster, increased limitations to /pv and /home are some of the many. Player ranks are applied across all CosmicPE servers and do not expire (ever!).

WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER RANKS? (Tier #1, Tier #3, etc.)
While we offer only 3 ranks on the webstore—Tier #2, Tier #4, and Tier #5, CosmicPE does feature few other rank tiers. Fear not, as all ranks (including the ones listed on the webstore) are obtainable in-game by participating in daily events (envoys, strongholds, auction house, etc.). We strongly recommend that you play the server for at least 3 days before purchasing a rank. This is so you understand the level of grinding that is needed to obtain the ranks you wish to purchase.
Tier #2 Rank
9.99 8.99 USD
Tier #4 Rank
19.99 17.99 USD
Tier #5 Rank
29.99 26.99 USD