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Kits (/gkit)
GKits contain a set of custom-enchanted weaponry and armor-pieces. Defeat the fallen hero to obtain contents of the Hero's GKit with a chance to permanently unlock the kit. Unlocked G-Kits can be levelled up to Tier 3 to gain better variations of items (better enchantments!). Fallen heroes can be activated in WARZONE only.

Right click the fallen hero to spawn it. When killed, the fallen hero drops contents of the /gkit with a chance to permanently unlock the /gkit (i.e., you gain access to the /gkit without the need to farm fallen heroes). The dropped may be sold in the in-game auction house (/ah), stored in private vaults (/pv) or be simply kept in your inventory.

To view a gkit's contents, use /gkit preview in-game and select the gkit of your choice. Alternatively, visit the Wiki Section to find out what the /gkit contents consist of.
Mystery Fallen Hero
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